Waxing of Intimate Parts is Very Dangerous – Here is Why

Waxing and removing body hair is now very common and prevalent way to maintain hygiene. However, experts warn that the removal of hair is very harmful and causes a health risk.

“The skin suffers greatly during waxing. All sorts of waxing are very damaging! The skin around the genitals itself is too sensitive! The removal of pubic hair increases the risk of infections, and sexually transmitted diseases and herpes, particularly among young people, “claims the director of the health center at the University of Washington, Emily Gibson.

Waxing of Intimate Parts is Very Dangerous

“Pubic hair has its purpose. Public hair actually is “the layer” that protects the skin from damage by bacteria. The removal of hair irritates the skin and can be inflamed follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds. This increases the risk of infections and sexually transmitted diseases, especially among young people, “said Dr. Gibson that is reported by “Huffingtonpost “.

Gibson argues that surgeons have understood that there is no benefit from the removal of body hair. Although before surgical interventions hair is removed in order to avoid infection, in fact quite the opposite is happening.

However, there is an industry that is developed and that earns millions of dollars a year by removing unnecessary hair. But, there is no return, at least not while we live in the era of Kim Kardashian who once said that women would not be allowed to have hair anywhere on the body except the head, or Victoria Beckham who claims that Brazilian waxing should be mandatory for all women older than 15 years.

What you can do if you remove hair, is carefully reading the instructions on the packaging of preparations used for this purpose or to go to some expert for waxing.

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