What Your Foot Says About Your Personality

Feet are very variable in shape and some believe that they can say important things about personality. Here you can find out which characteristics can be revealed based on the size of your feet and shape and length of your toes.

Wide Feet

Wide feet represent a dynamic person who is very active and busy. You probably work mostly in standing position or you love to walk.

Long Narrow Feet

Someone could tell that you are a lazy person. You like to outsource everything and avoid any unnecessary effort. The hard work is just not your way of functioning.

Height of The Arches

If you have low arches, it suggests that you are highly dependent on other people and you seek constant approval from others. Your personality could be defined as an extrovert, as you are very open to others and enjoy the presence of other people.

High arches characterize a person who does not care too much about the opinions of other people. They are simply self-confident and often self-sufficient, so they are often introvert.

Big Toe Length

Big toe length varies the most comparing to other toes. In smart persons who know clearly what they want and always find solutions to any problems, the big toe is usually longer and more pronounced than the other toes.

Second Toe

Long second toe represents a person who takes action and is often a guide to others when searching for the exit from some unfavorable situations or hostile environment. In contrast, small second toe means that you are leaving leadership to others and that you prefer waiting for an answer to come spontaneously than taking action.

Middle Toe

Long middle toe is often related to strong persons when it comes to business solutions. These persons simply always have answers that are inaccessible for others. If you have a smaller middle toe, you should try meditation. It may be in perfect accordance with your personality as you like calm and peaceful environments.

Fourth Toe

The length of the fourth toe represents dedication to family and its importance in your life. Longer fourth toe means that your closest relatives play an important role in your life. If your fourth toe is smaller than other toes, it means that you are not much dependent on your family members.

Little Toe

Small little toe is common in persons who change mood frequently and are in constant need for new challenges as that is the only thing that keeps them alive and vibrant. Most persons cannot move the small toe separately from the fourth toe. If you can do this, your charm makes you irresistible to other people.


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