If You Consume These Healthy Foods at the Wrong Time, They Can be Harmful! Find Out When You Should Consume Them

Unfortunately, even if you eat healthy foods, eating them at the wrong time can cause obesity or bloating. In order to stay on the safe side, you should know what period of the day is best for the consumption of the following foods:


The worst time to eat it is at night because it can lead to mucus formation in people who are prone to colds and coughing. Therefore, eat it during the day because it will better your digestion and soothe the digestive system.


When you eat rice in the evening, you don’t benefit from it but it will only increase your body fat. Instead, eat it for lunch because the metabolism during the day is higher and it will use all the carbs.


When eaten in the evening, the organic acids in the apple will increase the level of acid in the stomach and cause discomfort. The pectin will also cause problems with your digestion. Therefore, eat apples in the morning because the apple peel has pectin, a fiber, which prevents constipation and encourages bowel movement and removes carcinogens.


Avoid eating them in the evening because they may cause mucus formation and a cold. The best time to eat bananas is at noon when the bananas will aid your digestion and soothe heartburn.


You should avoid eating meat at night because it’s rich in protein and might be problematic for your digestion and thus, cause discomfort. Instead, eat it for lunch so that there is enough time to digest the meat. The protein in it will enhance your concentration and increase your physical strength.

Beans and pulses

Avoid eating them in the morning or in the afternoon because they may increase your appetite and cause binge eating. The best time to eat them is in the evening when they can lower the high levels of cholesterol and better your digestion. They will also help you sleep better.


You shouldn’t eat them in the morning, afternoon, or night because their effectiveness will reduce. The best time to consume them is in the evening when they can better your brain health.

Figs and apricots

Eating figs and apricots at night isn’t recommendable because they may cause gases and indigestion. Instead, eat them in the morning when they will better your metabolism and warm up your digestive system.


You shouldn’t eat cheese at night since cheese is not easy to digest and this may lead to fat gain and indigestion. Eat cheese in the morning and always eat it in moderate amounts to avoid bloating and weight gain.


Opposite to what many people think, milk shouldn’t be drunk in the morning because it’s not easy to digest, unless you continue with some kind of physical activity. The best time to drink milk is at night because milk will soothe the whole body and help you have a good night’s sleep.

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