Yuck! McDonalds Finally Admits What’s In Their Burgers!

You might want to read this article if you like eating McDonald’s burgers. It has finally come to a decision to admit what are their burgers made of.

For many years there have been speculations and rumors about the ingredients in their burgers, so people don’t know what to trust.

McDonalds started a PR campaign named “Our food. Your questions” in order to explain people what is inside their food. They deny they use “pink slime” in the burgers, but admit to use a chemical additive azodicarbonamide in the buns. But do you know what azodicarbonamide is used for? Usually, it is used in the production of yoga mats! Additionally, they say this type of rubber in their food is safe for consumption.

Furthermore, this mega fast food company admits to use dimethylpolysiloxane as an anti-foaming agent in the McNugget frying oil. Also, they say their patties are 100% beef and there are no chemicals. They say the recipe is nothing more than a blend of leaner beef trim and fattier trim.

But, would you believe them now?

McDonalds are deciding to lift the curtains now with this PR campaign because of market share. Millennials are now driving the food bus and are heading straight to other establishments that are offering better and healthier food. So, McDonalds are trying to catch up.

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